This Blogger Perfectly Says What Everyone On The Internet Needs To Hear Right Now, Like And Share If You Agree!

I have an internet pet peeve. Actually, I have many and this is one of them. Are you ready to hear my internet pet peeve? Because here it comes and I hope you’re ready for a blistering evisceration which will be a bit iconoclastic but also cause The Truth to rise like a phoenix from the ashes: I’m going to Tell You Everything That Is Wrong With The Internet In This One Perfect Post.

The qualifier is that I’m not, because that’s usually impossible. Most actual things are too complicated to be P/perfectly C/captured™ in a single nugget, easily consumed and eminently shareable format – and we shouldn’t assume they can be.

The problem with PerfectlySumsItUpSaysWhatEveryPersonFromGroupXNeedsToHearTotallyDestroysArgumentsAgainstTotallyPerfectlyMakesTheCaseFor culture isn’t just that it reduces complicated debates to simplicity, it’s that it makes sanctimony our default tone: i.e. We tend to think people would resolutely agree with our praise of X or our indictment of Y if only they, too, had read The Perfect Post.

And, of course, for every Perfect Post there’s another Perfect Post which Perfectly Encapsulates the opposite point of view. Contradictory arguments cannot simultaneously be Perfect, even if they feel like they are.

That’s my pet peeve, Perfectly Summed Up with both concision and eloquence.

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