Why this election matters

This election matters because…

  • Aboriginal Canadians earn 30% less than others, and women earn 20% less than men
  • Around 1 million Canadians are relying on food banks every month and 200,000 Canadians are homeless each year while around 30,000 sleep on the street every night
  • We have an historic opportunity to reform our electoral system to better reflect the voice of every citizen, regardless of where they live
  • Canada’s top CEOs earn more than the average worker earns in a year before noon on January 2
  • More than 1 million Canadian children are living in poverty
  • We have a government which is actively trying to ensure that fewer people are able to vote
  • The CBC is on life support
  • Corporate tax rates have been steadily slashed since 2006, with no discernable benefit to the employment rate, the creation of new jobs, or investment
  • The unelected, Conservative-dominated Senate gutted a bill passed by the House of Commons which guaranteed basic rights to trans people
  • Corporate Canada has $200 billion stashed in tax havens 
  • Eligibility for EI has fallen below 40%
  • Our economy increasingly consists of poorly paid and precarious jobs
  • Thousands of Canadian parents can’t afford or can’t find a daycare space for their children and the cost of childcare ranges from $800-$1500/month in most Canadian cities
  • The Conservatives want to cut federal contributions to healthcare by $36 billion
  • Canada’s environmental policy is more than a decade behind the rest of the world, which is more than two decades behind where it needs to be
  • We have the government which uses the military as a political instrument then closes veterans’ support offices and spends nearly $1 million fighting them in court
  • The top 20% of income earners owns nearly 70% of Canada’s wealth
  • Parliamentary democracy as we know it may not survive another Conservative mandate, and because Stephen Harper and his party debase and degrade the entire democratic ethos

This election matters.


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