Writing and podcasts

Trashfuture podcast An Impassioned Plea for Universal Basic Mids: December 2018

The Nihilism of Moderation: Jacobin, December 2018

Harry Leslie Smith (1923-2018): Jacobin, November 2018

On Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford: The David Doel Show, November 2018

Wisconsin, Conquered: Jacobin, November 2018

Doug Ford reveals Canadian right’s disdain for constitutional norms: The Guardian, November 2018

American Politics Could Use More Conflict: Jacobin, November 2018

Labour’s Socialist Realism: Jacobin, November 2018

Baby Steps Are Not Enough: Jacobin, November 2018

Talking Simpsons: October, 2018

The Maple-Washing of Canada’s racial and economic issues Michael Brooks Show: September, 2018

Is Populism Really Shaping Global Politics? – The Walrus, September 2018

Bread and Roses for All: Jacobin, July 2018

Trashfuture podcast – Canadian Jet Ski Conservatism: July 2018

49th Parahell – w/ Rob RousseauJuly 2018

A paler shade of red – a review of Christo Aivalis’ The Constant Liberal: Literary Review of Canada, June 2018

Conservatism against democracyCCPA Policy Monitor, May 2018

Justin Trudeau is waging a phony war against inequality: The Guardian, May 2018

Why liberals were always wrong to idolize Justin TrudeauNew Statesman, April 2018

Struggle Session: April, 2018

Frumocracy – a review of David Frum’s Trumpocracy: Jacobin Magazine, March 2018

This is Hell!: In conversation with with Chuck Mertz, January 2018:

The Curse of Bipartisanship: Current Affairs, January 2018

Biting cold exposes deeper rot in Toronto’s attitude’s to povertyThe Globe and Mail, January 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Politics of SpectacleCurrent Affairs, November 2017

Struggle Session: Ep 15, October 2017

The Hollow Courage of Bill MaherJacobin Magazine, September 2017

Accounting for Histories – 150 years of maple-washing: Open Canada, June 2017

Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss: New York Times, April 2017

In Conversation with Sam SederMajority Report, May 2017

The Real Obama: Current Affairs, May 2017 (with Nathan Robinson)

How liberals fell in love with the West WingCurrent Affairs, April 2017

A Populist Moment, A Status-Quo Budget: Ontario News Watch, March 2017

Twilight of the Technocrats?: Jacobin Magazine, February 2017

Taking democracy seriously in the age of Trump: Metro News Canada, January 2017

A look back at Trudeau’s first year: Interview with Michal Rozworksi, December 2016

Empire of Sleaze: Jacobin Magazine, November 2016

Mark Canada’s moment, but with more honest self-examination – a reply to Stephen Marche: Open Canada, November 2016

Why Bernie Was Right: Jacobin Magazine, October 2016

Maple-washing – a radio essay on Canadian exceptionalism: CBC Radio One, September 2016

The Case for Party Democracy: Jacobin Magazine, September 2016

The Democratic Deficit: Jacobin Magazine, July 2016

Farewell to Ford Nation?: Jacobin Magazine, March 2016

Ed Broadbent, A Social Democratic Life: The Broadbent Institute, March 2016

Social Democracy Without the Struggle – a review of Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next: Jacobin Magazine, March 2016

Sanders is Not Trump: Jacobin Magazine, January 2016

Canada’s Hollow Victory: Jacobin Magazine, November 2015

When Polls Take Over the News: Canadaland, September 2015

In conversation with CJ Werleman: The Foreign Object Podcast, September 2015

U of T Boasts About Homeless Star Student: Canadaland, June 2015

New Atheism, Old Empire: Jacobin Magazine, December 2014:

Scotland’s Democratic Horizons: Jacobin Magazine, September 2014: 

A Tale of Two Cities, the populism of Rob Ford and Bill de Blasio: Maisonneuve Magazine, January 2014

Editorial, All Good Things…:The Varsity, April 2011

Interview with Noam ChomskyThe Varsity, April 2011

In Retrospect: The Varsity at 130: The Varsity, October 2010

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