My work

49th Parahell – w/ Rob RousseauJuly 2018

A paler shade of red – a review of Christo Aivalis’ The Constant Liberal: Literary Review of Canada, June 2018

Conservatism against democracyCCPA Policy Monitor, May 2018

Justin Trudeau is waging a phony war against inequality: The Guardian, May 2018

Why liberals were always wrong to idolize Justin TrudeauNew Statesman, April 2018

Frumocracy – a review of David Frum’s Trumpocracy: Jacobin Magazine, March 2018

This is Hell!: In conversation with with Chuck Mertz, January 2018:

Biting cold exposes deeper rot in Toronto’s attitude’s to povertyThe Globe and Mail, January 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Politics of SpectacleCurrent Affairs, November 2017

Struggle Session: Ep 15, October 2017

The Hollow Courage of Bill MaherJacobin Magazine, September 2017

Accounting for Histories – 150 years of maple-washing: Open Canada, June 2017

Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss: New York Times, April 2017

In Conversation with Sam SederMajority Report, May 2017

The Real Obama: Current Affairs, May 2017 (with Nathan Robinson)

How liberals fell in love with the West WingCurrent Affairs, April 2017

A Populist Moment, A Status-Quo Budget: Ontario News Watch, March 2017

Twilight of the Technocrats?: Jacobin Magazine, February 2017

Taking democracy seriously in the age of Trump: Metro News Canada, January 2017

A look back at Trudeau’s first year: Interview with Michal Rozworksi, December 2016

Empire of Sleaze: Jacobin Magazine, November 2016

Mark Canada’s moment, but with more honest self-examination – a reply to Stephen Marche: Open Canada, November 2016

Why Bernie Was Right: Jacobin Magazine, October 2016

Maple-washing – a radio essay on Canadian exceptionalism: CBC Radio One, September 2016

The Case for Party Democracy: Jacobin Magazine, September 2016

The Democratic Deficit: Jacobin Magazine, July 2016

Farewell to Ford Nation?: Jacobin Magazine, March 2016

Ed Broadbent, A Social Democratic Life: The Broadbent Institute, March 2016

Social Democracy Without the Struggle – a review of Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next: Jacobin Magazine, March 2016

Sanders is Not Trump: Jacobin Magazine, January 2016

Canada’s Hollow Victory: Jacobin Magazine, November 2015

When Polls Take Over the News: Canadaland, September 2015

In conversation with CJ Werleman: The Foreign Object Podcast, September 2015

U of T Boasts About Homeless Star Student: Canadaland, June 2015

New Atheism, Old Empire: Jacobin Magazine, December 2014:

Scotland’s Democratic Horizons: Jacobin Magazine, September 2014: 

A Tale of Two Cities, the populism of Rob Ford and Bill de Blasio: Maisonneuve Magazine, January 2014

Editorial, All Good Things…:The Varsity, April 2011

Interview with Noam ChomskyThe Varsity, April 2011

In Retrospect: The Varsity at 130: The Varsity, October 2010


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